Blueprints for Business Success

Would you drive blindfolded? Would you drive over a bridge that is built without a blueprint? Even if built properly, would you take a bridge if it does not lead to your desired destination? While these questions may seem silly, unfortunately most business transformations create similar situations…

Succeed with A Business Blueprint

SoltecOne provides enterprise innovations and engineering services to its clients to achieve the strategic goals of their organization. We help our clients in building a blueprint of their business success. We connect four major dots: Strategy to Execution, to Results, and then to Benefits, and deliver a final business model that creates an organization focus which yields measurable results with predictable benefits. Our modeling framework can deal with the massive complexity of strategic planning, implementation, execution, transparency, governance, control and security ... all in a simple uniform architecture.

The major benefit of our approach is that it eliminates the waste caused by intricate business processes. Our model is scalable so that it can be applied to any aspect of a business, whether it is a department, business function, business unit, organization or even the entire enterprise. It is a start-anywhere-and-extend model.

You may already know that

The symptoms of failure include a lack of:
focus, accountability, responsibility, reliability, productivity and stakeholder relationship.

Causes of failure

How the problems start & get worse

Double Gradient Line