About SoltecOne

We are Business, Enterprise, Solution & Technology (BEST) Architects.
Our mission is to deliver the BEST blueprints of our clients' mission for their success.

Clients are Our Main Focus

We treat each client as our most important one. This dedication to each customer is reflected in the satisfaction and repeat business that we enjoy.

Formed in 1997, SoltecOne maintains its rigorous technological edge by taking leadership positions in research and development. The company is a contributing member of the Northern Virginia Technology Council. Our founder, Dr. Hundal, advises Fortune 500 firms and government departments in technology development and security related issues.

SoltecOne was founded due to the marketplace need for fresh, open-minded technology development within the constraints of complex architectures. The company serves a number of clients providing comprehensive innovative solutions that remain in use presently and continue to be considered advanced in their capabilities and design.

Who is SoltecOne?

SoltecOne, classified as a small business, is a boutique innovations firm based out of Vienna, Virginia. For fourteen years SoltecOne has been providing its customers with value-driven and effective cost savings with advanced business and technology solutions. We align strategic goals to day-to-day operations, and enable rapid change to information systems to reflect changing conditions in the operating environment. Our solutions are far in advance of our competitors.

We build capabilities and solutions to meet today's market demands for service, delivery, and full value. We strive hard to fully realize our clients' existing investments, leverage them with our solutions and extend their life beyond the norm, while adding to our clients' competitive edge.

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