Risk Management Plan

Do you have a FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) factor in your risk management? Do you know what value is at risk at any given point? Assure the success of your program/project by building risk management into the blueprint!

Risk Management Done Right

Risk Strategy: FUD free strategy. The risk management strategy describes how risks will be mitigated throughout the life of a program/project. The goal is to address risks before they become problems.

Risk Management Process: The risk management process is comprised of four phases: identification, assessment, handling, and monitoring.

Risk Detection and Prevention: Assign risk management roles, responsibility and accountability to appropriate stakeholders – along with measures and analysis tools to affect the cause/effect relationships across the organization. Establish the communication process. Provide tools and methodology.

Major Benefits

  1. Manage risk in accordance with business goals
    • Establish an effective governance structure
    • Define roles & responsibilities with separation of duties
  2. Effective audit and control
    • Higher agility and accountability
    • Efficient use of enterprise resources
    • Transparency at all levels
  3. Provide enabling and responsible control
    • Mitigate collaboration risks
    • Offer an alternative analysis, contingency planning and what-if analysis
  4. Avoid budget overrun and time delay
    • Deliver on time and within budget
    • Avoid unintended results and control the ramifications of change
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