Performance Management Plan

Do you connect the performance of your resources to strategic goals? Developing a performance management plan will help you create an organization focus which yields measured results with predictable benefits…

Value-Chain Performance Model

Activities Map: based on our SEAT (Systemic Enterprise Architecture Theory) framework, this gives you a clear understanding of how the day-to-day activities are aligned with your strategic goals.

Performance Management Blueprint: provides decision support to executives and stakeholders regarding programs at the enterprise and business unit level. It gives a clear line of sight through all levels of the organization.

Governance and Control: Our BEST (Business, Enterprise, Solution & Technology) framework draws clear boundaries of governance and control that enables high performance under measured risks.

Major Benefits

  1. Enable accountability
    • Clear line of sight from results to benefits
    • Effective program planning & execution
    • Earned value management
  2. Establish roles and responsibilities
    • Meet deadlines and commitments
    • Increase quality and reduce cost
    • Early problem detection
  3. Measure, monitor and control performance
    • Meaningful performance indicators
    • Increase control without scarifying agility
    • Reduce waste and rework
  4. Increase stakeholder satisfaction
    • Transparency
    • Reduce aggravation
    • Better relations
    • Effective stakeholder communication
Double Gradient Line