Transform IT into a Business Enabler

Does your Information Technology (IT) give you a competitive advantage? Having an IT modernization map helps you view the alignment, agility, governance, performance and security of your business systems. With it, your IT won't turn into a business liability…

Unleash Your IT Advantage with

Enterprise Architecture: Based on our SEAT (Systemic Enterprise Architecture Theory) framework, this provides you a clear picture of how your IT is aligned with your strategic and operating goals.

Capabilities Architecture: Our BEST (Business, Enterprise, Solution & Technology) framework creates a vendor agnostic blueprint for business capabilities. This approach decouples the business processes from the underlying technology infrastructure. Similarly the technology blueprint is designed to make it vendor independent. The solution requirements are mapped to technology specifications.

Program, Project & Service Delivery management Plan: This is a blueprint for program management, project execution and service delivery. For success of the program, the performance of deliverables is connected to the program goals and the stakeholders benefits.

Major Benefits

  1. Program/project assurance
    • Reduce the overall cost and pain associated with a new product and/or service rollout
    • Easy integration of a new line of business
    • Efficient change management
    • Better security
    • Effective stakeholder communication
  2. Operational cost reduction
    • Secure and efficient service delivery
    • Consolidate resources
    • Eliminate redundancies
  3. Keep processes and infrastructure aligned
    • Smoother technology refresh and upgrade
    • Support infrastructure outsourcing decision
    • Assure success of Cloud Computing and Virtualization
  4. Transparency
    • Regulatory compliance
    • Performance metrics
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